Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is This Just Fantasy?

A very interesting (ok, a little scary too) video of a 7 y.o. boy, absolutely baked on anesthesia, after a visit to the dentist. (Via Boing Boing)

What makes this video so interesting for me (I didn't find it all that funny) is that the boy's reactions are not unlike someone's first reefer experience.

How is it that the kid's brain processes the "high" in the same way as an adult's brain? I mean, he is practically spouting metaphysics. (Not that everyone who is high spouts metaphysics.) Does the question "is this real life" mean he has already learned that "real life" equals predictable (and controllable) sensations and feelings? How and when does a seven year-old learn that? How does all of mankind learn that?

I remember the sensation of unease upon first reading "Alice in Wonderland" in school. Sure, the book was funny, but it primarily was a depiction of real life going fast out of control. Years later, when I discovered Flann O'Brien's brilliant and bleak The Third Policeman, I learned that just because one is older does not mean the fear of losing control goes away. I think it is actually amplified with age.

Here's the video on YT.


Deaths Head Roy said...

Hahahhaaha, I was nearly ROTFL when I saw the vid!! Hahahha, damn that kid. I can just imagine how our elder brothers would have enjoyed our first highs!!

The best part is when he suddenly gets up and screeams!!!

km said...

Roy: that scream was both funny and scary...he must have gone through hell, not being able to understand why he was feeling like that!