Friday, December 12, 2008

Now Where's Brown Sugar Avenue?

Courtesy Lekhni, this piece of news about a town called Dartford deciding to name streets after Rolling Stones' song titles.
One road will be named "Sympathy Street," derived from the Stones' sinister classic "Sympathy for the Devil."

Others will be called "Cloud Close," "Rainbow Close" and "Dandelion Row" after other Stones songs. There will also be "Stones Avenue" and "Little Red Walk" from "Little Red Rooster," the blues classic covered by the Stones in their early days.
I hope they also figure out a way to use titles like "Bitch", "Monkey Man", "Dead Flowers", "Midnight Rambler" and that one unnameable Stones song and make the entire town seem like one sad, scary and sleazy place.


??! said...

Honky Talk Boulevard.
Brown Sugar Close.
Annnnnnnnd....Satisfaction Point.

Now those would be cool names.

km said...

Satisfaction Point sounds like a massage parlor :)

But would the Main Street of the town be called Exile Street?

??! said...

Satisfaction Point sounds like a massage parlor
I was thinking more like the edge-of-town spot which regularly features furtive nookies in rocking cars.

km said...

??!: hybrids hardly have any room.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I'd love to see what they do with "Cocksucker Blues".


km said...

JAP: yeah, well, Cocksucker Corner does sound quaint.