Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Ms. Etiquette

Once again, I have started receiving those emails at work. All these messages contain pictures of burning lamps and feature impossibly garish, multi-colored text wishing me a "happy and prosperous Diwali". Who designs these things? Pyromaniacs tripping on mescaline?

Now, I don't mind pictures of burning lamps so much but the eye-blinding text makes me want to...well, that's what I want to know: should I reciprocate with a polite "wish you the same" or pay a visit to these people with a flamethrower and a chainsaw in hand?

P.S.: I know the former's easier to pull off but the latter would be so much more personal (this being the festive season and all).


??! said...

What, you're not calling down heavenly fire to rain on their devout asses?

km said...

The SPCA prevents me from harming the devout asses.