Saturday, September 13, 2008

"By The Way You Look Fantastic, In Your Boots Of Chinese Plastic"

Hare Krishna, Hare Rama too,
Govinda I am still in love with you
I see you in the birds and in the trees
that's why they call me Krishna Mayee

Chrissie Hynde pays a cool, bouncy tribute to Bob Dylan's "Boots of Spanish leather" on her new song titled "Boots of Chinese plastic" (from the Pretenders' new album, "Break up the concrete").

The mp3 is here. Great stuff!


Space Bar said...

yay you're back! (and what about the 20 worst lyrics - they're hilarious!)

km said...

Macca is on that list, which makes me happy. They could have included at least one more song of his...the one about piano keys.

Anonymous said...

chrissie rocks! This song should be played when the republicans speak...Karma will bite ya back hard!!!