Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Binayak Sen

Just read about this on Falstaff's blog. Scary stuff.

(Why is that I didn't read about this even once in the newspapers or saw any coverage of this story on TV when I was in India in December? Don't answer that - I know.)

Via Falstaff (link to, Via Space bar (link to

Aid India's online petition

Another website (presumably based in UK) that is also seeking the release of Dr. Sen.

Tehelka has a "list of charges and evidence against Dr. Binayak Sen"


Rahul Siddharthan said...

I had come across it before, and saw the article in Tehelka today. I was going to blog about it too.

Most of India has the Bush mentality. If you give medical help to a Naxalite, you're with the terrorists. Obviously. I mean, if Bishen Bedi helps a Pakistani, he's anti-national. I'd be surprised if Binayak Sen is let off.

km said...

Sad but true.

Though to be fair, India's Bush mentality predates Dumbya by at least a couple of decades. Indiraji wreaked her unique brand of havoc during our Golden Years, '75-'77.