Friday, September 17, 2010

Dug? Dock?

The Internet, it makes you see familiar things differently.

(I'm pretty sure I saw this first on Reddit last week. But if ever there was an idea crying - no, quacking - for a website, it is this.)


MockTurtle said...

Sure you saw this on Reddit, my /b/rother.

km said... /b/tard.

Space Bar said...

completely OT:

L. Cohen's Seven Immutable Laws of Business.

km said...

SB: Ha, I haven't been to McSweeney's in a while. That was a funny piece :)

Five: Scrap all the words like "maximize," "incentivize," "amortize," "enhance," "enable," and "team-building" from your vocabulary and replace them with "sorrow."

I'm going to do it *right* *now* to all my Powerpoint files.