Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They Are ALL #1

Someone just ranked every Beatles song.

And because you have nothing better to do, you should click on each song title and read the notes. Should "Wild Honey Pie" outrank its domesticated sister, "Honey Pie"? And how can "Love you to" lose to "Her Majesty"? Oh the horror - "Love me do" is placed higher than "Penny Lane"!

There are about 15 billion comments on that page: many boldly proclaiming that the writer knows nothing about the Beatles and that he is an idiot. But of course. No one knows more about the Beatles than the six billion people on this planet.


Space Bar said...

Julia is 148?! These guys were probably born after the Backstreet Boys or something. Huh.

km said...

Next I want a ranking of all Backstreet Boys songs.

??! said...

Along with a ranking of the Backstreet Boys, and who's better than whom.

km said...

??!: Oh no contest there. Oh wait. I am not supposed to reveal my secret love of the band and their music.