Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall-E + Eve

  • All you need is love.

  • Something tells me I will be watching this movie again.

  • Is the film preachy? You bet it is.

  • Best use of "La vie en rose" since Billy Wilder's "Sabrina".

  • This is purely anecdotal, but most kids were not terribly excited by the film. Though they all *loved* the lead characters. But I think they will be watching this film again (and again) in a few years' time.

  • At least half a dozen sequences from the film deserve to be on beautiful, glossy posters. Heck, the closing credits of the opening short deserve a poster of their own.

  • Fire extinguishers FTW.


Space Bar said...

this is one film i'm waiting for. heard much about the first half hour of it.

km said...

SB: the first half is great, but the do stay back for the closing credits. Just gorgeous.

MockTurtle said...

Hey, have you seen 'Saving Pvt Ryan'? Was that 'La Vie en Rose' they were playing on the gramaphone in that busted up French town?

If you haven't seen that movie, then have you seen 'Saving Ryan's Privates'? It's the slightly more risque version, but the action there doesn't quite lend itself to Piaf vocals.

km said...

MT: Grrrroan. (The classic in question is, I believe, "Shaving Ryan's Privates")

MockTurtle said...

I apologize. I was speaking only from hearsay and of course you know better.

km said...

MT, you are SO not invited for a private viewing of Masterpiece PrOn Theatre's production of Charles Dickins' "A Sale of Two Titties".

MockTurtle said...

Too bad, I'll just sit on my couch with my popcorn and my DVD of Schindler's Fist.

..and just so you know Savings Ryan's Privates was the original. Shaving was the cheap spinoff (of the cheap spinoff). Ah, the wonders of Google!

ray said...

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km said...

MT: Let's just hope little kids don't land up here to read about their new favorite cute robot.

//And I really would like to decapitate Rambhai.

MockTurtle said...

Maybe we should do adult versions of popular blogs;

km said...

MT: And what about :)

MockTurtle said...

Spot on, buddy!!

??! said...

brilliant! scouty maaregi.